Package tvi.webrtc

Class JniCommon

  • public class JniCommon
    extends java.lang.Object
    Class with static JNI helper functions that are used in many places.
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      static void nativeAddRef​(long refCountedPointer)
      Functions to increment/decrement an rtc::RefCountInterface pointer.
      static java.nio.ByteBuffer nativeAllocateByteBuffer​(int size)  
      static void nativeFreeByteBuffer​(java.nio.ByteBuffer buffer)  
      static void nativeReleaseRef​(long refCountedPointer)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JniCommon

        public JniCommon()
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      • nativeAddRef

        public static void nativeAddRef​(long refCountedPointer)
        Functions to increment/decrement an rtc::RefCountInterface pointer.
      • nativeReleaseRef

        public static void nativeReleaseRef​(long refCountedPointer)
      • nativeAllocateByteBuffer

        public static java.nio.ByteBuffer nativeAllocateByteBuffer​(int size)
      • nativeFreeByteBuffer

        public static void nativeFreeByteBuffer​(java.nio.ByteBuffer buffer)