Package tvi.webrtc

Interface PeerConnection.Observer

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface PeerConnection.Observer
    Java version of PeerConnectionObserver.
    • Method Detail

      • onIceConnectionReceivingChange

        void onIceConnectionReceivingChange​(boolean receiving)
        Triggered when the ICE connection receiving status changes.
      • onIceCandidate

        void onIceCandidate​(IceCandidate candidate)
        Triggered when a new ICE candidate has been found.
      • onIceCandidatesRemoved

        void onIceCandidatesRemoved​(IceCandidate[] candidates)
        Triggered when some ICE candidates have been removed.
      • onSelectedCandidatePairChanged

        default void onSelectedCandidatePairChanged​(CandidatePairChangeEvent event)
        Triggered when the ICE candidate pair is changed.
      • onAddStream

        void onAddStream​(MediaStream stream)
        Triggered when media is received on a new stream from remote peer.
      • onRemoveStream

        void onRemoveStream​(MediaStream stream)
        Triggered when a remote peer close a stream.
      • onDataChannel

        void onDataChannel​(DataChannel dataChannel)
        Triggered when a remote peer opens a DataChannel.
      • onRenegotiationNeeded

        void onRenegotiationNeeded()
        Triggered when renegotiation is necessary.
      • onAddTrack

        void onAddTrack​(RtpReceiver receiver,
                        MediaStream[] mediaStreams)
        Triggered when a new track is signaled by the remote peer, as a result of setRemoteDescription.
      • onTrack

        default void onTrack​(RtpTransceiver transceiver)
        Triggered when the signaling from SetRemoteDescription indicates that a transceiver will be receiving media from a remote endpoint. This is only called if UNIFIED_PLAN semantics are specified. The transceiver will be disposed automatically.