Class RemoteAudioTrack

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    public class RemoteAudioTrack
    extends AudioTrack
    A remote audio track represents a remote audio source.
    • Method Detail

      • getSid

        public java.lang.String getSid()
        Returns the remote audio track's server identifier. This value uniquely identifies the remote audio track within the scope of a Room.
      • enablePlayback

        public void enablePlayback​(boolean enable)
        Enables playback of remote audio track. When playback is disabled the audio is muted.
        enable - the desired playback state of the remote audio track.
      • isPlaybackEnabled

        public boolean isPlaybackEnabled()
        Check if playback on the remote audio track is enabled.

        When the value is false, the remote audio track is muted. When the value is true the remote audio track is playing.

        true if remote audio is enabled.