TVIScreenCapturer Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Conforms to TVIVideoCapturer
Declared in TVIScreenCapturer.h


TVIScreenCapturer captures from a UIView by using UIGraphics to draw its contents to an offscreen buffer. In iOS 12.0, Apple introduced the new A8 backing store and improved color management. However, at the same time, drawing the contents of a UIView became prohibitively expensive with some UIView and device combinations. For this reason we are deprecating this class on iOS 12.0 and above. If you wish to capture the entire screen (or a portion of it) then we recommend that you use ReplayKit with a custom TVIVideoSource instead.


Indicates that screen capture is active.

@property (atomic, assign, readonly, getter=isCapturing) BOOL capturing

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– initWithView:

Constructs a TVIScreenCapturer with a UIView.

- (null_unspecified instancetype)initWithView:(nonnull UIView *)view



The UIView to capture content from.

Return Value

An instance of TVIScreenCapturer if creation was successful, and nil otherwise.


TVIScreenCapturer captures the contents of a single view at 1x scale. Because this class depends on UIKit and CoreGraphics to snapshot content it does not function if the application is backgrounded. This class will not respond to TVIVideoConstraints. Instead, it will use the dimensions of the view to determine its capture size.

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– init

Developers shouldn’t initialize this class using init.

- (null_unspecified instancetype)init


Initialize TVIScreenCapturer with a UIView.

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