TVICameraSourceOptionsRotationTags Constants Reference

Declared in TVICameraSourceOptions.h


TVICameraSourceOptionsRotationTags specifies how TVICameraSource should handle rotation tags.


typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, TVICameraSourceOptionsRotationTags ) {
   TVICameraSourceOptionsRotationTagsKeep = 0,



Capture video in the natural orientation of the device and use rotation tags to describe the delivered orientation. If one or more subscribers does not support rotation tags then the tags will be physically removed using the CPU before encoding the frames.

Declared In TVICameraSourceOptions.h.


Capture frames in the natural orientation of the device, and use hardware acceleration to physically remove any tags. This option is uesful in some scenarios: 1. To save energy in a Group Room where rotation tags are not supported. 2. When recording local video with AVAssetWriter, so that recordings do not need to include transforms. 3. For image processing with Computer Vision & Machine Learning algorithms. However, there are disadvantages such as: 1. On older devices (< iPhone 8), the output from the camera might be interrupted momentarily after a rotation occurs. 2. The dimensions of the video are not consistent before/after a rotation (since width and height become swapped).

Declared In TVICameraSourceOptions.h.

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