TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy Constants Reference

Declared in TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy.h


TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy restricts which communication routes can be used to send and receive media with other Participants. Local addresses that are allowed by the policy are shared with other Participants. Remote addresses that are allowed by the policy are used for connectivity checks.

In order to ensure that end user privacy is respected the privacy policy is always applied equally to local and remote addresses. As a result, the Participant with the most restrictive privacy policy determines which routes are allowed in a Peer-to-Peer Room.


typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy ) {
   TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicyAllowAll = 0,
   TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicyBlockLocal = 1,



Allow local network addresses. Select this policy if you have consent to send and receive media using the local network.

Declared In TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy.h.


Block the gathering and use of local network addresses. Unicast and multicast DNS resolution of remote hostnames is disabled. Select this policy if you do not want to take any actions that might result in a local network permissions request.

Declared In TVILocalNetworkPrivacyPolicy.h.

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