Class RemoteAudioTrackStats

    • Field Detail

      • audioLevel

        public final int audioLevel
        Audio output level
      • jitter

        public final int jitter
        Packet jitter measured in milliseconds
      • mos

        public final float mos
        The Mean Opinion Score (MOS). This is a measure of the call audio quality.

        The Mean Opinion Score (MOS) represents the call audio quality where a score of 5 represents the best audio possible, for example, real world face to face speech, and 1 represents audio quality that is unintelligible. Typically, a score of 3.5 or below for a few seconds becomes annoying to the user. The score is calculated using [Vincenty's formulae]( once per second and uses `jitter`, `rtt`, and `packet loss` values to perform the calculation. The following table describes how MOS relates to quality:

        MOS RangePerceived Quality
        = 4.2Excellent
        4.1 - 4.2Great
        3.7 - 4.0Good
        3.1 - 3.6Almost unintelligible