TVOConnectOptionsBuilder Class Reference

Inherits from TVOCallOptionsBuilder : NSObject
Declared in TVOConnectOptions.h


TVOConnectOptionsBuilder is a builder class for TVOConnectOptions.

Connect options builder to use when connecting. For example:

 let connectOptions = TVOConnectOptions(accessToken: accessToken) { builder in
     builder.params = ["to": "bob"]
     builder.enableIceGatheringOnAnyAddressPorts = true

 let call = TwilioVoice.connect(with: connectOptions, delegate: callDelegate)


Additional parameters for connecting the Call.

@property (nonatomic, copy, nonnull) NSDictionary<NSString*NSString*> *params


The Voice SDK URI encodes the parameters before passing them to your TwiML Application.

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– init

You should not initialize TVOConnectOptionsBuilder directly, use a TVOConnectOptionsBuilderBlock instead.

- (null_unspecified instancetype)init

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