Class Room

  • public class Room
    extends java.lang.Object
    A Room represents a media session with zero or more remote Participants. Media shared by any one RemoteParticipant is distributed equally to all other Participants.

    A subset of Android devices provide an OpenSLES implementation. Although more efficient, the use of OpenSLES occasionally results in echo. As a result, the Video SDK disables OpenSLES by default unless explicitly enabled. To enable OpenSLES, execute the following before invoking Video.connect(...)


    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
        Returns the name of the current room. This method will return the SID if the room was created without a name.
      • getSid

        public java.lang.String getSid()
        Returns the SID of the current room.
      • getMediaRegion

        public java.lang.String getMediaRegion()
        Returns the region where media is processed. This property is set in Group Rooms by the time the Room reaches Room.State.CONNECTED. This method returns null under the following conditions:

      • getState

        public Room.State getState()
        Returns the current room state.
      • isRecording

        public boolean isRecording()
        Returns whether any media in the Room is being recorded.
      • getRemoteParticipants

        public java.util.List<RemoteParticipant> getRemoteParticipants()
        Returns all currently connected participants.
        list of participants.
      • getLocalParticipant

        public LocalParticipant getLocalParticipant()
        Returns the current local participant. If the room has not reached Room.State.CONNECTED then this method will return null.
      • getStats

        public void getStats​(@NonNull
                             StatsListener statsListener)
        Retrieve stats for all media tracks and notify StatsListener via calling thread. In case where room is in Room.State.DISCONNECTED state, reports won't be delivered.
        statsListener - listener that receives stats reports for all media tracks.
      • disconnect

        public void disconnect()
        Disconnects from the room.