Class IceCandidateStats


public class IceCandidateStats extends Object
Statistics of ICE candidate as defined in Identifiers for WebRTC's Statistics API
  • Field Details

    • transportId

      @NonNull public final String transportId
      Unique identifier of the underlying candidate.
    • isRemote

      public final boolean isRemote
      True indicates remote candidate and false indicates local candidate.
    • ip

      @NonNull public final String ip
      IP address of the candidate.
    • port

      public final int port
      Port number of the candidate.
    • protocol

      @NonNull public final String protocol
      Transport of the candidate, valid values are udp or tcp.
    • candidateType

      @NonNull public final String candidateType
      Candidate type. It can be host (host candidate), srflx (server reflexive candidate), prflx (peer reflexive candidate) and relay (relay candidate).
    • priority

      public final int priority
      Priority as defined in RFC 5245.
    • url

      @Nullable public final String url
      The URL of the TURN or STUN server.
    • deleted

      public final boolean deleted
      The candidate is no longer active.
  • Constructor Details

    • IceCandidateStats

      public IceCandidateStats(@NonNull String transportId, boolean isRemote, @NonNull String ip, int port, @NonNull String protocol, @NonNull String candidateType, int priority, @Nullable String url, boolean deleted)