Class LocalTrackStats

Direct Known Subclasses:
LocalAudioTrackStats, LocalVideoTrackStats

public abstract class LocalTrackStats extends BaseTrackStats
  • Field Details

    • bytesSent

      public final long bytesSent
      Total number of bytes sent for this SSRC
    • packetsSent

      public final int packetsSent
      Total number of RTP packets sent for this SSRC
    • roundTripTime

      public final long roundTripTime
      Estimated round trip time for this SSRC based on the RTCP timestamps. Measured in milliseconds.
  • Constructor Details

    • LocalTrackStats

      protected LocalTrackStats(@NonNull String trackSid, int packetsLost, @NonNull String codec, @NonNull String ssrc, double timestamp, long bytesSent, int packetsSent, long roundTripTime)