Class RtcStatsAdapter

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RtcStatsAdapter extends Object implements RTCStatsCollectorCallback
RtcStatsAdapter represents the Java layer object that manages the delivery of RtcStatsReports to the RtcStatsListeners. It does the following: 1. It holds references to the RtcStatsListeners until the time the RtcStatsReports are ready for delivery. 2. It receives the RTCStatsReport from the JNI layer. 3. It delivers the RTCStatsReport to the RtcStatsListeners when the RtcStatsReports for all the Peer Connections have been received.
  • Constructor Details

    • RtcStatsAdapter

      public RtcStatsAdapter()
  • Method Details

    • onStatsDelivered

      public void onStatsDelivered(RTCStatsReport statsReport)
      Description copied from interface: RTCStatsCollectorCallback
      Called when the stats report is ready.
      Specified by:
      onStatsDelivered in interface RTCStatsCollectorCallback
    • raiseOnRtcStats

      public void raiseOnRtcStats()
    • addRtcStatsListener

      public void addRtcStatsListener( rtcStatsListener)
    • cleanup

      public void cleanup()