Class Video


public abstract class Video extends Object
This class allows a user to connect to a Room.
  • Constructor Details

    • Video

      public Video()
  • Method Details

    • connect

      @NonNull public static Room connect(@NonNull android.content.Context context, @NonNull ConnectOptions connectOptions, @NonNull Room.Listener roomListener)
      Connect to a Room with specified options.
      connectOptions - options for connecting to room.
      roomListener - listener of room related events.
      room being connected to.
    • getVersion

      @NonNull public static String getVersion()
      Returns the version of the Video SDK.
      the version of the SDK
    • getLogLevel

      @NonNull public static LogLevel getLogLevel()
      Gets the logging level for messages logged by the Video SDK.
      the logging level
    • getModuleLogLevel

      @NonNull public static LogLevel getModuleLogLevel(LogModule module)
      Returns the logging level for messages logged by the specified LogModule. The default log level for each module is LogLevel.ERROR.
      the logging level
    • getAudioDevice

      @NonNull public static AudioDevice getAudioDevice()
      Returns the AudioDevice.
    • setAudioDevice

      public static void setAudioDevice(@NonNull AudioDevice audioDevice) throws UnsupportedOperationException
      Sets the custom audio device. The audioDevice can be updated when there is no room in progress and will be applied to subsequent connect(Context, ConnectOptions, Room.Listener) API calls. Setting the audioDevice while connecting to a room will result in UnsupportedOperationException.
      audioDevice - The audio device.
    • setLogLevel

      public static void setLogLevel(@NonNull LogLevel level)
      Sets the logging level for messages logged by the Video SDK.
      level - The logging level
    • setModuleLogLevel

      public static void setModuleLogLevel(@NonNull LogModule module, @NonNull LogLevel level)
      Sets the logging level for messages logged by a specific module.
      module - The module for this log level
      level - The logging level