Package tvi.webrtc

Class VideoTrack

public class VideoTrack extends MediaStreamTrack
Java version of VideoTrackInterface.
  • Constructor Details

    • VideoTrack

      public VideoTrack(long nativeTrack)
  • Method Details

    • addSink

      public void addSink(VideoSink sink)
      Adds a VideoSink to the track. A track can have any number of VideoSinks. VideoSinks will replace renderers. However, converting old style texture frames will involve costly conversion to I420 so it is not recommended to upgrade before all your sources produce VideoFrames.
    • removeSink

      public void removeSink(VideoSink sink)
      Removes a VideoSink from the track. If the VideoSink was not attached to the track, this is a no-op.
    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      dispose in class MediaStreamTrack