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TaskRouter is Twilio's skills based routing system. With this library, you can manage your Workers in the browser or view the state of your Workspace.

NOTE: This SDK is in a Developer Preview Release. This version of TaskRouter is intended for Twilio Flex. If you are using it outside of Twilio Flex, you may encounter bugs and instability, and the underlying APIs available in this release may change in subsequent releases.



npm install twilio-taskrouter


The following is a simple example showing a Worker waiting for Reservations. For more information, refer to the API Docs.

const TaskRouter = require('twilio-taskrouter');
const Twilio = require('twilio');
const AccessToken = Twilio.jwt.AccessToken;
const TaskRouterGrant = AccessToken.TaskRouterGrant;

const accountSid = '';
const signingKeySid = '';
const signingKeySecret = '';
const workspaceSid = '';
const workerSid = '';

const token = createAccessToken(accountSid, signingKeySid, signingKeySecret, workspaceSid, workerSid);
const alice = new TaskRouter.Worker(token);

alice.on('ready', readyAlice => {
    console.log(`Worker ${readyAlice.sid} is now ready for work`);

alice.on('reservationCreated', reservation => {
    console.log(`Reservation ${reservation.sid} has been created for ${alice.sid}`);
    console.log(`Task attributes are: ${reservation.task.attributes}`);

    reservation.on('accepted', acceptedReservation => {
      console.log(`Reservation ${acceptedReservation.sid} was accepted.`);

    reservation.accept().then(acceptedReservation => {
      console.log(`Reservation status is ${acceptedReservation.status}`);
    }).catch((err) => {
      console.log(`Error: ${err}`);

function createAccessToken(accountSid, signingKeySid, signingKeySecret, workspaceSid, workerSid) {
    const taskRouterGrant = new TaskRouterGrant({
        workerSid: workerSid,
        workspaceSid: workspaceSid,
        role: 'worker'

    const accessToken = new AccessToken(accountSid, signingKeySid, signingKeySecret);
    accessToken.identity = 'alice';

    return accessToken.toJwt();






Fork and clone the repository. Use npm to install node 8 (other versions may run into problems).

Then, install dependencies with:

yarn install

Then run the build script:

yarn build

The builds and docs will be placed in the dist/ directory.

Before commits, be sure to validate by running:

make lint


Bug fixes welcome! If you're not familiar with the GitHub pull request/contribution process, this is a nice tutorial.