Package tvi.webrtc

Interface VideoFrame.Buffer

    • Method Detail

      • getWidth

        int getWidth()
        Resolution of the buffer in pixels.
      • getHeight

        int getHeight()
      • toI420

        VideoFrame.I420Buffer toI420()
        Returns a memory-backed frame in I420 format. If the pixel data is in another format, a conversion will take place. All implementations must provide a fallback to I420 for compatibility with e.g. the internal WebRTC software encoders.
      • retain

        void retain()
        Description copied from interface: RefCounted
        Increases ref count by one.
        Specified by:
        retain in interface RefCounted
      • release

        void release()
        Description copied from interface: RefCounted
        Decreases ref count by one. When the ref count reaches zero, resources related to the object will be freed.
        Specified by:
        release in interface RefCounted
      • cropAndScale

        VideoFrame.Buffer cropAndScale​(int cropX,
                                       int cropY,
                                       int cropWidth,
                                       int cropHeight,
                                       int scaleWidth,
                                       int scaleHeight)
        Crops a region defined by |cropx|, |cropY|, |cropWidth| and |cropHeight|. Scales it to size |scaleWidth| x |scaleHeight|.