Package tvi.webrtc

Interface SurfaceTextureHelper.FrameRefMonitor

Enclosing class:

public static interface SurfaceTextureHelper.FrameRefMonitor
Interface for monitoring texture buffers created from this SurfaceTexture. Since only one texture buffer can exist at a time, this can be used to monitor for stuck frames.
  • Method Details

    • onNewBuffer

      void onNewBuffer(VideoFrame.TextureBuffer textureBuffer)
      A new frame was created. New frames start with ref count of 1.
    • onRetainBuffer

      void onRetainBuffer(VideoFrame.TextureBuffer textureBuffer)
      Ref count of the frame was incremented by the calling thread.
    • onReleaseBuffer

      void onReleaseBuffer(VideoFrame.TextureBuffer textureBuffer)
      Ref count of the frame was decremented by the calling thread.
    • onDestroyBuffer

      void onDestroyBuffer(VideoFrame.TextureBuffer textureBuffer)
      Frame was destroyed (ref count reached 0).