Package tvi.webrtc

Interface VideoFrame.TextureBuffer

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RefCounted, VideoFrame.Buffer
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public static interface VideoFrame.TextureBuffer extends VideoFrame.Buffer
Interface for buffers that are stored as a single texture, either in OES or RGB format.
  • Method Details

    • getType

    • getTextureId

      int getTextureId()
    • getTransformMatrix getTransformMatrix()
      Retrieve the transform matrix associated with the frame. This transform matrix maps 2D homogeneous coordinates of the form (s, t, 1) with s and t in the inclusive range [0, 1] to the coordinate that should be used to sample that location from the buffer.
    • applyTransformMatrix

      default VideoFrame.TextureBuffer applyTransformMatrix( transformMatrix, int newWidth, int newHeight)
      Create a new TextureBufferImpl with an applied transform matrix and a new size. The existing buffer is unchanged. The given transform matrix is applied first when texture coordinates are still in the unmodified [0, 1] range.