Package tvi.webrtc

Interface RefCounted

All Known Subinterfaces:
VideoFrame.Buffer, VideoFrame.I420Buffer, VideoFrame.TextureBuffer
All Known Implementing Classes:
EncodedImage, JavaI420Buffer, NV12Buffer, NV21Buffer, Rgba8888Buffer, TextureBufferImpl, VideoFrame

public interface RefCounted
Interface for ref counted objects in WebRTC. These objects have significant resources that need to be freed when they are no longer in use. Each objects starts with ref count of one when created. If a reference is passed as a parameter to a method, the caller has ownesrship of the object by default - calling release is not necessary unless retain is called.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Decreases ref count by one.
    Increases ref count by one.
  • Method Details

    • retain

      void retain()
      Increases ref count by one.
    • release

      void release()
      Decreases ref count by one. When the ref count reaches zero, resources related to the object will be freed.